Android 4.3 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000 - PAC Man ROM (PAC True All in 1 ROM)

Yes, its indeed a very good news. Android 4.3 ROM which combines the features of AOKP, CyanogenMod and ParanoidAndroid is here. The name is PAC MAN ROM. Thanks to the XDA developer beerbong for developing such a wonderful ROM. I recently installed this ROM on my Galaxy Note GT-N7000. I came across this ROM on XDA developer forums. Below is the link for complete information and download,

The name PAC Man is actually a combination of the three great ROMS available...

ParanoidAndroid + AOKP + CyanogenMod

Below are the features mentioned by beerbong on the XDA developer forums thread....

  • All in One Rom [PA, AOKP and CM]
  • PhoneUI, TabletUI, PhabletUI
  • Latest Version Nightly Builds
  • All Features from PA
  • Some Features from AOKP
  • All Features from CM
  • Parts from Slim Bean
  • Parts from Rootbox
  • Parts from Carbon
  • Basically if there is a cool feature out there and its open source, then developers will try to bring that feature into PAC-man
  • Of course JellyBean 4.3

Below are some of the screenshots which I have taken from my mobile....


Android 4.3 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000 - PAC Man ROM (PAC True All in 1 ROM) Android 4.3 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000 - PAC Man ROM (PAC True All in 1 ROM) Reviewed by Nikhil Bhalwankar on September 28, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. How to download the rom? I clicked the rom download button and there are lots of files? which one to download?

    1. Those are daily builds of the rom. But before downloading, do check the XDA thread mentioned in the post above. You will get reviews from users about the builds and in case if there are any issues.

  2. which is the last stable build you tried without any bugs..

    1. I don't remember that now. I am on Android 4.4.3 Omni ROM now.

  3. Hi , When i click on Download , it redirects me to BasketBuild website.
    There i can find the Gapps download link but no Rom download Link.
    Also i see a lot of developers name with link but on clicking them there is no File to Download.

    Can you please help ?


    1. ohh. this is strange. there was no such issue when I downloaded the rom. This may be some temporary website related issue. I suggest you to update with your findings on XDA developer link given in the article so that the developers can sort this issue out.


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