Aviate Launcher for Android - A must download

I recently installed Aviate Launcher on my Galaxy Note. This launcher is simply superb. The best launcher I have ever seen. Three cheers to the developers of this launcher !!!

Below are the screenshots from my mobile,

Just see how intelligently the home screen is arranged. At the top, we can see date and time. There are slots for widgets. You can change these widgets according to your requirement. Even the widgets can be changed according to their dimension (4x1, 4x2, 2x2 etc...). Right now, I have Weather widget and a picture widget. After that, apps are arranged.

Swipe right. Now the next homescreen will open. Just see how intelligently the installed apps are arranged. Simply superb. 

Swipe to right again. This will open A to Z apps screen. All the installed apps are arranged alphabetically.

Now, swipe left 2 times and come back to first home screen and tap on upper left corner. Window as shown above will open. INVITE button is used for sending invites. If you want your friends to use Aviate Launcher, you can do so by sending invites. However, you will get only 5 invites. 

After enabling location settings, you can check the nearby places. You will get tips about a particular place you want to visit. Camera, Post and Check In options are also available. Cooooool, isn't it?
The below video shows my new home screens. Aviate Launcher has turned my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 in a fresh new look !!!

This is what I have explored till now about this launcher and thought of sharing this in the blog post. Will be exploring more and more.....

Below is the play store link from where I downloaded it. Again, three cheers to the developers of this launcher.

Aviate Launcher for Android - A must download Aviate Launcher for Android - A must download Reviewed by Nikhil Bhalwankar on January 04, 2014 Rating: 5

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