Apple iOS8 update now available

Its really a very good news for Apple fans. iOS8 is now available. I own an iPad Mini with Retina Display for which I received the update on the very first day i.e. 17th Sept 2014. The update shows following information in brief...

This update is the biggest since the launch of the App Store, with hundreds of new features including new Messages and Photos features, QuickType keyboard, a new Health app, Family Sharing, iCloud Drive and more. 

Below is the screenshot of my iPad Mini...

As you can see in the screenshot, the update size is 1.3 GB. It also requires at least 6.9 GB of free storage. I own 16 GB version of iPad Mini and had to delete few apps and photos in order to download and install the update. After the update finished, I again downloaded all the apps which I deleted in order to make room for this huge update. 

Overall, it was around 3 hours of work (delete apps + download update + install apps again) for me considering the Internet speed. Now, I am exploring all the iOS8 features one by one. 

It feels really great to receive this update. Thanks Apple !!!
Apple iOS8 update now available Apple iOS8 update now available Reviewed by Nikhil Bhalwankar on September 19, 2014 Rating: 5

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