FireChat App - Chat without Internet

Excellent initiative isn't it? FireChat is an app developed by Open Garden

The importance of FIRE CHAT app is it works without internet also. In case of very low mobile network connectivity or  sometimes network get jammed at places where there is a huge crowd. But FIRE CHAT works in such situations too. I have started using this app since last 4 days and exploring it more and more.

This app will really be very useful in case of disaster like situations when mobile networks does not work. 

The more the number of users, the more stronger the connection becomes for FIRE CHAT. We can create our own network on FIRE CHAT which will be very useful for all of us. 

One important aspect to note about this app. Don't compare this app with WhatsApp while using it. FireChat has public chatrooms. Don't think of that as groups like WhatsApp has. When I started using the app, me too thought that I am part of so many groups and who added me to these groups and all....

But that is not the case. Even you can create a public chatroom by using the hashtag followed by name of chat room. But please note that anybody from FireChat can post in that chatroom. Its not a private one like WhatsApp groups. I don't know yet whether FireChat has feature of private group chats. Me too trying to find out. But yes, one to one private chat option is available.

Such kind of public chatroom will be really very very helpful in case of disaster like situation. Lets assume a scenario wherein there is a disaster situation due to which all communication lines in the area are down. All the people in the area who are on FireChat can chat with each other without internet so that important messages can be transmitted on time. What a noble cause !!!

I also tried to test how sending offline messages work. Above image shows the same. It really works great. Mobile data is off on both the phones. Only bluetooth and WiFi signals are on. WiFi is not connected to any internet connection.

This app is available for free on android and iOS.

FireChat App - Chat without Internet FireChat App - Chat without Internet Reviewed by Nikhil Bhalwankar on April 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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