Korean Peninsula To Enter In Prolonged War ?

If North Korea goes ahead with 6th nuclear test then nearby nations too will get dragged into prolonged war. North Korea has to face serious consequences from this says China's newspaper Global Times.

One of the largest nuclear submarine USS MICHIGAN of US has already entered South Korea's Busan port.

The US military started moving parts of an anti-missile defense system THAAD to a deployment site in South Korea on Wednesday.

USS Carl Winson - US warship which is capable of carrying planes is also expected to enter Korean peninsula soon.

The leader of the North Korean governance, Kim Jong-un ordered the residents of Pyongyang, the capital of the country, to leave the city immediately. Both Russia and South Korea’s press has claimed that these orders issued by the country chief of North Korea, may imply a preparation for war. Concurrently, China has assigned 25,000 additional soldiers to the Korean border. 

South China Sea dispute is already at its peak wherein China is bullying in the south china sea region claiming most of the islands. Also creating artificial islands for its naval army base. Even as the construction of artificial islands by China in the ‘South China Sea’ is proving to be a matter of dispute, China has started preparations to build an observatory in this oceanic territory.

This major conflict arising due to North Korea may drag USA, South Korea, Japan, North Korea, China, Philippines into prolonged war. Will this be a start of World War 3? Only time can tell !
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