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Congratulations for purchasing a new Android phone. Now, the next question which will come in your mind is what applications can I install alongwith preloaded applications to effectively make use of Android phone.

There are many Android apps which you can use for your day to day activities. Even reading a newspaper. Below are some of the applications which I find very much useful. You can install these applications from Google Play Store for free. Below are some of the applications which I feel are worth downloading.....

1) Adobe Reader

You can read the pdf documents using this application. Remember the famous Adobe Acrobat Reader for your windows desktops and laptops? This is the same one developed for Android phones.

2) Avast Mobile Security 

This is a very good antivirus software available on Google Play. This application provides you protection mechanisms such as Virus Scanner, Privacy Advisor, Shield Control, SMS and Call Filter, Firewall, Network Meter, Anti Theft etc. You will even receive automatic/manual updates for virus definitions. I find this to be the best antivirus software available on Google Play. 

3) BBC News, TOI, NTDV, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Economic Times 

These are some of the News channel applications. You will receive all the updated news accross the globe using these applications.

4) BookMyShow

All the updates about movies, dramas, sports and other events happening at your desired location ca be found out using this app. You can even book the tickets for the event using this application. I have not tried booking the tickets yet. But I find this app very useful for finding the relevant information. 

5) CamScanner (Phone PDF Creator)

Its a very good application which will enable you to digitize your documents (PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, Registrations, Agreements, Notes etc.)  by photo capture. This application will automatically enhance the photo quality, crop the image and then create a pdf document from the same.

6) Drippler

This app is available for most of the phones and tablets. I mean there is a separate download for this app depending upon your device. This app gives you detailed information about latest news of your device. The news includes software updates in pipeline, newer versions of device releasing soon and many other news. I find this app very much useful. I have Galaxy Note and I get many updates related to my phablet.

7) Google Drive and DropBox

Both of these applications are Cloud Computing related applications. You can keep your desktop, laptops, phone, tablet in sync with each other using these applications. Update a file from your desktop and it automatically gets updated from your laptop, mobile, tablet. You can use these apps for sharing the files and folders with multiple friends, group of friends also.

8) Google + and Facebook

Do I need to say anything for these? The world famous social networking apps.


The fullform of this app is Internet Movie DataBase. This app will provide you access to more over 2 million movies and TV titles, over 4 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and crew members etc. The app provides the storyline about the movie or tv serial in short with other information. For movie lovers like me, its a fantastic app. 

10) Juice Defender

This application is useful for improving the battery life of your android device. There are free and paid both version available for this app. There are multiple power saving profiles available depending upon your need. Each profile has its own characteristic for saving battery. 

11) Justdial

The famous JustDial service is now available as an android app. You can search for movies, restaurants, hotesl, petrol pumps, ATMs, Doctors, Car Rentals, Travel, Education, Chemists etc. in the are nearby you. In short this app gives you complete information about the necessary services nearby your area.

12) Kingsoft Office

Now, you can prepare word, excel and power point documents from your android phone. This app allows you to do so. This app is very easy to use office app. You can even open existing word, excel, power point documents (prepared using Microsoft Office etc). A must have app. 

13) m-indicator

This app prepared by Mobond provides comprehensive information about Mumbai local trains, railway mega blocks,  BEST routes, Auto and taxi fare (in short the local public transport) , picnic spots, movies etc. This app is the must have one in case you are planning your travel allover Mumbai and nearby area.

14) Moneycontrol

This app is very useful for share/stock market lovers.  all critical real-time information about the Indian and global markets through your Android device. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find this to be an invaluable tool. And this application is powered by – India’s no.1 financial and business portal trusted by millions.

15) Snapseed

This app is a very good photo editing tool.

16) WhatsApp Messenger

This is a smartphone messenger which uses 2G/3G/WiFi to chat with friends. Your mobile number is treated as unique identification for yourself. You can even send pictures,audio, video files to your friends using this messenger. The messenger is free for first year. After than its just 0.99 dollars per year.

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