The Third World War (World War III / World War 3 / WWIII / WW III)

I would like to share an excellent work- a masterpiece from my beloved sadguru, Shri Aniruddha Bapu ( Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi). He has written a book on The Third World War. His observations and studies of international political and social status have concluded in the form of this book.

This books informs as well as forewarns of the turmoil and the chaos in the near future, all over the world. His words depict and predict through the mist and dust of enmity, terrorism and wars driven by human greed. But at the same time, he gives clearcut, clean and precise directives and solutions to safeguard humanity.

Following is the Preface of the book ‘The Third World War’, compiled from the series of editorials written by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi on the third world war, in the ‘Daily Pratyaksha’ in March 2006.


Only because....

On the 11th of September 2001, i.e. no sooner had the third millenium begun, than every nation in the world began to reflect over its protection and to consider afresh, its future political policies. Most of the prominent nations in the world had already acquainted themselves with the ways of terrorism. The U.S.A. and Russia had, instigating terrorist outfits, even used them against one another.

However, the 11th September episode happened in so less a time and with so little an expense, that the U.S.A. which considered itself the one and only supreme power on earth and, therefore, indomitable, became conscious and mindful of the real strength and capacity of terrorism. The misery inflicted by terrorist activity that India had been suffering through many years, boomed so powerfully into the face of the U.S.A. that it ended up scorching it completely. And the U.S.A., that had hitherto constantly turned a blind eye towards the evidence presented by India, was forced to roll up its sleeves and prepare to fight terrorism, the very terrorism that it had once nurtured and fostered.

The subject of this series of articles is not merely terrorism or anti-terrorism war based on the study of events that have occurred till now; it is a reflection over the possibilities that will unravel in the times to come.

There is no doubt that over the next twenty to twenty-five years, conflict will become an aspect of everyday doings and in every region on earth. Values based on theory or principles will have no place whatsoever in this conflict and ‘survival of the fittest’ will, on the contrary, be the only commandment. Thus, although political games and secret conspiracies are going to be sure directives, quantitative power that can resort to aggression, violence and extreme ruthlessness is going to prove more dominant and successful in the conflict and for a long time to come. Once the war begins and more and more allies begin to take their stand on either side, the open and defiant violation of all ethics, one after another along with that of restraint begins with equal pace. Then there comes a stage when neither side feels the need to give any moral justification of its deeds, not even a superficial one. This is what has already started to happen and with every coming year, such instances are going to mount rapidly.

The common man and sometimes even the political leadership is of the opinion that a discussion on war or analysis of war cannot be done openly because war is a sudden and surprise manifestation of secret schemes and conspiracies. Besides, more than ninety percent of the people, not only of India but of every country in the world, can base their contemplation over war, the political reasons behind the war as also the realization of these on just a bare minimum of information. However, it is these very people, who have not only to suffer but to withstand hundred percent of the consequences of war.

Pure democracy is the only strength that can mellow down the horrific face of war; but today, how many nations of the world are real democracies? The democracy in Great Britain that boasts of being the father of the parliamentary democratic system too is growing feeble owing to corruption and internal conflicts. Though democracy has struck firm and deep roots in the Indian subcontinent, the innumerable big and small political parties tend to lead it astray, not to mention the eternal downpour of corruption that drowns it in deep sorrow. Russia and China, both super powers, have not even a trace of democracy in them. Although the American democracy might seem relatively healthy and capable, at least apparently, problems like the rapid increase in addiction among the youth alongside the fall in the number of well-educated native Americans as also that of the diminishing participation of the citizens are factors that adversely affect the health of the American democracy. To add to this, the widespread and extensive network of propaganda and communication set up by the American secret organizations has succeeded in taking control of the mass media of several nations of the world, including those of the U.S.A.

Pakistan, the eternal enemy of India, is in itself, ‘the foreboding and inauspicious prelude’ to the book of terrorism and Pakistan will, in the times to come, openly go about setting the stage with terrorist props for the purpose of the plot of the drama that will be war.
In the coming times, the equation of today might not be valid tomorrow and what was valid at seven in the morning, might be flung right out of the window after its purpose is served, and at five minutes past seven.

This is not telling the future. This is a study, a study of history and of the present circumstances. This is research, a research of the intent of the various characters on the stage of the world. In the next twenty years, a thousand occurrences will happen and literally in a hundred different places and that is one fact that every wise and studious thinker is aware of. A hundred different occurrences might be happening even at this very moment but here, there is a figurative mention of only ten selected ones. It is just that the remaining ninety occurrences have not been recorded, though they have certainly been part of the study undertaken.
The calendar is released every once in a year because there is a definite kind of mathematical formula and construction involved. The calendar of the coming ‘third world war’ is however, going to be a new one every day.

I wanted that all My friends, ordinary as they are just like I am, acquaint themselves with at least two percent of what the third world war means. Hence this written endeavour....

    for My friends,


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