Krupasindhu Calendar Android App

Krupasindhu Calendar Android App will provide you calendars for the year 2013 alongwith year 2012 for reference.

This ‘app’ provides you with a complete list of all the utsavs and public events for Shraddhavans. Also , the user can look and search for various 'tithi' (lunar day) and muhurta (auspicious moment) by a single click on his/ her Android phone.

Krupasindhu Calendar also provides the information on recipes on the backpages of all the calendar months. 

Apps are increasingly becoming important and useful in today's world and this ‘app’ is sure to be a tool of utility to all the Shraddhavans. This application would be available at cost of Rs. 50/ - to the user as Google Play doesn’t permit any ‘app’ below this cost . In the event of Google permitting to reduce the cost in future , definitely this app will be available at reduced price.

1. The images for the calendar months are of enhanced quality.

2. All the screens have enhanced GUI.

3. Pinch in and Pinch out feature is encorporated for zoom in and zoom out.

4. Welcome image of Shri Saibaba is encorporated when the app opens.

5. Almanac (Panchang) is made available in the app.

6. Potrait and landscape views are both supported.

7. When the app launches, Current month gets displayed.

Download the app using below link:-

Krupasindhu Calendar Android App Krupasindhu Calendar Android App Reviewed by Nikhil Bhalwankar on March 29, 2013 Rating: 5

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