Entire World Is Facing War LIke Situation - Is World War 3 Nearer?

Conflict reaches at its peak between US and Russia over Syria chemical attack issue. US thinks its the Assad regime who is responsible for the attack and attacked Syria. Donald Trump said if necessary, US may attack Syria again.

Whereas Russia thinks its not yet clear who is responsible for chemical attack and US has wrongly held Assad regime responsible for the attack.

Lets hope the situation does not worsen further !

World is currently facing below major conflicts

1) Eurozone crisis and UK's exit from EU. Also known as Brexit. Other EU nations may follow the suite.

2) Bloodshed in Middle East majorly in Syria. Also in other Middle east nations. ISIS creating havoc. People are migrating to Europe due to which Europe is facing Migrant Crisis.

3) South China Sea dispute wherein China is bullying in the south china sea region claiming moat of the islands. Also creating artificial islands for its naval army base. Even as the construction of artificial islands by China in the ‘South China Sea’ is proving to be a matter of dispute, China has started preparations to build an observatory in this oceanic territory.

4) Increasing nuclear threat from ruthless North Korea. US has sent its navy strike group to Korean peninsula. Is it to show North Korea that US is watching them? US President Donald Trump assures Japan PM Shinzo Abe that US has all options on table including military strike to deal with North Korea.

5) Increasing tensions between Israel and Palestine.

6) Large number of Cyber Attacks by hacker groups across the globe to steal vital data / sensitive information which may lead to complete destruction of a country. Remember Die Hard 4? You should !

7) US and NATO cannot withdraw troops from Afghanistan yet claimed General John Nicholson, US Army & NATO forces Commander in Afghanistan, demanding 5000 more troops to be deployed in Afghanistan. 

Currently the Afghan Government controls only about 62% of the population and about 57% of the territory. Rest of the area is under Taliban and other terror organizations, said General Nicholson, signifying the horror in Afghanistan.

8) While the world is moving towards digitization and globalization, the unstable and deteriorating circumstances that are still prevalent in Darfur have aggravated to an extreme amount of chaos, intimidation and thus, are posing as a threat to not just Sudan but also to its neighbours, mainly Europe.

United Nations has described the crisis of Darfur, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The inter-tribal conflict remarkably has polarized Darfur enraging communal disharmony leading to the social disruption and eventually waging a war for several years.

We can not ignore these events happening around us. Across different parts of the globe, there are some strange events happening which are worth giving consideration. All such events if looked at collectively, we may be able to guess whats laid in front of us for the next few years span. All nations are preparing themselves for war like situation. According to the latest report from Sipri (the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), the global arms trade has reached its peak after the cold war era.

Its time to get prepared for the worst period coming. Is World War 3 nearer? Only time will tell !
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