Rambo Remake in Bollywood

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Sylvester Stallone starrer Rambo will get RamboRemake in bollywood. Tiger Shroff will be in lead role as John J Rambo. Its good to see bollywood looking forward for good subjects. However, lets hope they will keep the originality of the 36 year old film intact and not include any desi tadka in it. If you want to keep the legendary Rambo alive and give a salute to SlyStallone, keep the originality intact. My sincere request to the remake makers, please do not add songs to the movie. Focus on the main subject and keep it punching harder !

Sylvester Stallone has also wished good luck to Tiger Shroff for his venture. Below is his tweet.

Its very important to understand that its not only the 6 pack abs and dashing body that makes Rambo. Rambo is a vision, the one man army and an extraordinary character which is truly unforgettable. Stallone spoke a lot from his aggression through his eyes. Will Tiger Shroff be able to catch up with such aggression?

I must say .... Its a long road for Tiger Shroff !
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